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ALPS-LaRete in Tux for Alliance in the Alps

ALPS-LaRete in Tux for Alliance in the Alps

The 2014 conference of Alliance in the Alps took place in the charming town of Tux (Austria, Zillertal).

The two-day conference saw a productive debate on how to create a regional added value. During the first day, a whole session in the afternoon was devoted to the Mountee project on sustainable building. At the end of the afternoon, the members of the Alliance met in their yearly Assembly. On June 26th, a pre-conference session was devoted to the presentation of numerous interesting projects in many municipalities of the Alpine arc and to the meeting of the Steering Committee. The conference was closed on June 28th with several working groups presenting the state of the art of many different activities, such as those connected with the Dynalp-nature project. Throughout the whole conference, a tasting of delicious typical products was offered to the participants.

The next AidA conference will be in 2015 in S.Martin de Belleville, France.