la rete di interpreti e traduttori alpini
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The First ALPS-LaRete Event took place in Paullo (Casina – Reggio Emilia) on February 5th and 6th, 2011, with the lovely backdrop of a snowy and sun-kissed Appennino Reggiano. Just like in a “small-scale Danilo Re”, the first day was fully occupied by the General Assembly, in which all ALPS-LaRete members participated proactively and contributed to creating a convivial atmosphere, a fundamental starting point to achieve positive and effective results.


The end of the working day was dedicated to friendship, with a gorgeous and tasty dinner at Agriturismo Latteria Sordiglio (Sordiglio di Casina).

The following morning was dedicated to competition: under the watchful eyes of the General Coordinator, ALPS-LaRete members (as well as their husbands, wives and partners) engaged in a “traditional” sledge competition, thus proving their outstanding extra-linguistic skills.


The prize for all participants was a lavish lunch with delicious cappelletti in brodo prepared by Mrs Bruna and masterfully cooked by Francesca, bollito and gorgeous desserts. Food was accompanied by a superb Lambrusco made by the “mayor”, Mr Brenno. Mrs Bruna and Mr Brenno are one of the most popular couples in the town. Inebriated by food aromas (and not only food), the various members of ALPS-LaRete took their way back home, already with a veil of nostalgia for the great time spent together, and with the desire to meet again soon.


A heartfelt thank you to Reinhold and his wife Francesca for their incomparable hospitality.

Looking forward to the Second ALPS-LaRete Event in 2012!